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Here you can inform about a booking system for public
witnessing of Jehovah's Witnesses (carts, information desk).

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About this system

Calendar system to manage the cart service

With this system, you can plan the public witnessing in your congregation or city. You can create carts or routes and allow the publishers to participate. Learn more about the question of whether this is the right system for you here: Is this something for me?

This system is a private project and not an official offer from Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not directly related to jw.org.

Look at this video for an introduction:

What can it do?


The calendar looks great on any device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Admin panel

In the admin area an overseer can create/modify calendar users


A publisher can be active in multiple calendars and switch between them

Encrypted connection

The website is SSL encrypted, therefore very safe

Secure area

Each user needs to log in, therefore personal data is protected


You can create notes to point out particular circumstances or possibilities


Shifts are assigned to campaigns. Campaigns can define whether a shift supervisor ('Key-man') is needed.

Guest access

For special campaigns guest accounts can be created. So you can manage campaigns together with other congregations that don't have login access to the calendar.

Many options

The calendar can be adjusted in many ways. For example shift start times, resources, account holder permissions...

Reminder E-Mail

Publishers are reminded of their bookings

Feedback function

For each booking, a feedback form is offered. The result can be viewed easily in the admin area.


Exciting statistics about given publications and bookings

Manage inventory

You can create your inventory list to get an overview about your depot.

Weekly, daily and monthly view

Nice display of available and already booked times

Runs in your browser ...

...and therefore on any device - and en route


Shifts can be created at any time (campaigns with the carts, information desk...), which determines how carts are available for use.

Templates on a weekly basis for shifts

You can create templates for weekly calendars for quick deployment

Send newsletters

Send newsletters to the publishers from within the admin area.

It is actively developed ....

A small team continually works to improve the calendar. See also: Planned features

Active translations


beta status

chinesisch (traditionell)

beta status


beta status


beta status


finished and used


beta status


finished and used


beta status


beta status


finished and used

portugiesisch (Portugal)

beta status


beta status


beta status


beta status


beta status


finished and used

Planned features

Chat functionality with an Android App

...so that publishers can share information quickly and securely and coordinators can provide information.

Translations into other languages

As soon as it is needed


Note: The following applies only to participating assemblies in Germany . Only these can currently make a contribution due to tax reasons. All other meetings can use the calendar for free!

JW-TOOLS has been in operation for several years and causes operating costs. We have been able to offer the calendar for a long time for free - which is now difficult due to the number of participating assemblies.

You can decide if you want to use your calendar for free or if you want to contribute. We are pleased to offer JW-TOOLS free of charge meetings that do not have many funds. Who wants, can contribute.

The amount is freely selectable . The rough direction is: per publisher per month0,01 €. For a calendar of 30 publishers that's 3,60 € per year. Payment requires a PayPal account. Invoices will be issued for the assembly deposit.

Note: "Julian Stierle Web-Entwicklung" as operator of JW-TOOLS has the small business owner status in Germany. Therefore, the invoice is carried out without VAT.

Is this something for me?

There are already other systems with similar functionality. As we are aware of that we want to give you some hints.


Write us an email if you have questions:


Here you can start:

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